American found in a toilet snake

A resident of Fort Collins, Colorado, found in his toilet snake crawling out of the toilet, reports KDVR.

Miranda Stewart noted that it was always her worst nightmare. In the evening she went to the toilet, but the flush was not working. Then the girl bent down to see what had happened. And the head of the snake appeared on the surface.

Miranda called the Manager of the apartment Wesley Sanford, who had to disassemble the toilet to get a reptile. The operation to release the snake took about 40 minutes. Its length was about five feet.

It is unknown how the snake ended up in the toilet. There is speculation that this is a pet of one of the neighbors. But the owner is not found, and Sanford decided to take the reptile on his ranch. His wife not objected to the "new guard house". Miranda Stewart is trying to overcome a newfound phobia of toilets.