Biography Of Vladimir Sorokin

Russian writer Vladimir Georgievich Sorokin was born on 7 August 1955 in the suburban village bulls.

In 1977 graduated from the Moscow Institute of oil and gas named after Gubkin on a speciality the engineer-mechanic.

Was engaged in book graphics, paintings, conceptual art. Participant of art exhibitions.

As a writer Sorokin has formed among the artists and writers of the Moscow underground of the early 1980-ies. In 1985 in the Paris emigre publishing "Syntax" was published his first novel "the Turn".

In the Soviet Union for the first time several stories of Sorokin was published in 1989 in Riga journal Rodnik. Later stories of the writer was printed in Russian journals and almanacs, "the Third modernization", "Mitin Zhurnal", "Art cinema", "the End of the century", "Bulletin of the new literature."

In March 1992 in the magazine "cinema Art" published the novel "the Turn".

Then published "the Norm" (1994), "love affair" (1994), "Marina's thirtieth love" (1995), "four Hearts" (1997), "Blue lard" (1999), marked a shockingly naturalistic scenes, where the writer parodies the common place of the literature of socialist realism.

In 2000-ies was released the book "Feast", "Day of the Oprichnik", "the Ice trilogy".

In 2010, the novel Sorokin "the Blizzard", which includes the extinction of the intelligentsia, received the prize "New literature" ("NOSE").

In 2011 for the same story the writer won the second prize at the annual National literary prize "Big book". In 2020 for the "Blizzard" he received the prize of the decade in the special award "Super NOSE".

In 2014, the second prize "Big book" Sorokin received for the novel about the new middle Ages "Telluria".

In 2018, he again became the winner of the literary prize "NOSE" for 2017 with his book "Manaraga". In addition, Sorokin received the audience choice award at the annual online poll of readers.

In 2019, published a collection of his short stories and essays "New history".

In August 2020, published his new book called "Russian folk Proverbs and sayings".

The writer's works have been translated into 20 languages.

Sorokin – the writer of the movie "Moscow" (2000), Kopeyka (2002), "Four" (2004), "Target" (2010), "Dau" (2018).

Wrote over a dozen plays staged at different times in Russia and abroad: "Trust", Hochzeitsreise, "Dismorphomania", "Dugout", "Dumplings", Dostoevsky-Trip, "Anniversary", "Russian grandma", "Soup", "happy New Year!", "Capital", "Drift".

In 2003, on demand of Bolshoy theatre of the Russian Federation Sorokin wrote the libretto of the Opera "Rosenthal's Children" to music by Leonid Desyatnikov. Premiered in March 2005 at the Bolshoi theatre.

The subjects of his works have repeatedly been the subject of controversy among the reading public. In particular, the movement "Walking together" in 2005 picketed the Bolshoi theatre, speaking out against the premiere of the Opera "Rosenthal's Children".

In 2018 in the Musical theatre of K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich-Danchenko hosted the premiere of the Opera "the Triumph of Time and Senselessness" of George Frederick Handel, the text for which was written by Sorokin.

In 2019-2020 on the works of Sorokin was carried out production of "Purple snow" at the Berlin state Opera, "Telluria" at the Taganka Theater, "Drift" in the theater "Practice", "Normal" in the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, "the Trap" in "Lenkom".

Sorokin – the winner of the Award of Andrey Bely (2001), awards "the Big book" (2011, 2014), "the NOSE" (2010, 2014, 2017) and "Superne" (2020).

In 2002 he won the special prize of the jury film festival "Window to Europe" in Vyborg for the screenplay for the film "the penny".

The material is based on information RIA Novosti and open source