The doctor gave advice to those suffering from hypertension

Leading researcher State research center for preventive medicine, Ministry of health Galina Kholmogorova told in interview to TV channel "Zvezda", what rules must be observed for people with hypertension.

"Hypertension is a very serious long disease that requires constant and permanent treatment. Very bad patients who drop out of drug treatment and "rush" for some folk remedies. It all ends up pretty bad," said the doctor.

Kolmogorov described the correct procedure of getting out of bed for patients with hypertension. According to her, should not be abruptly rise, this rise should be gradual, with a small charge.

In addition, patients with this diagnosis need a more long sleep, because their body of up to about 10 hours, the doctor added.

Specialist pointed out that people with hypertension "and there will be normal blood pressure", and can only be the target level, "which is achieved only with the help of a neat permanent medication" tailored for each patient individually.