Former Uber engineer was convicted of stealing secrets from "daughter" Google

A former engineer Uber Technologies Anthony Lewandowski was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to stealing trade secrets from a subsidiary of Google, said in a statement the US Department of justice.

In August 2019 Lewandowski was charged based on allegations that he stole or tried to steal sensitive files from a subsidiary of Google Waymo that helped him to establish a standalone company, which he later sold Uber for about $ 680 million. Against former engineer advanced 33 points charges. The maximum punishment in case of conviction would be 10 years and $ 250 thousand for each item.

Lewandowski went on to deal with the investigation and agreed to recognize one of the 33 charges in exchange for refusal of the Prosecutor's office from the rest of the points.

It is noted that Lewandowski has also awarded a penalty in the amount of 95 thousand dollars and damages in the amount of 756 $ 499. To serve his prison sentence Lewandowski will start after you reduce the risks associated with COVID-19.