Lawyer, historian Sokolov explained the decision to protect the widow Cartwright

Lawyer Sergei Lukyanov, protects the historian Oleg Sokolov, explained in an interview with "the Newspaper.ru", why he is involved in the protection of the widow of rapper Andy Cartwright Marina Kohala.

"These two cases are conducted in parallel. I'm different a criminal case — I was approached, an agreement was concluded, and I stepped in. Somewhere I've read that I have specialization in cases of dismemberment. This is not so. Just a coincidence," said the lawyer.

According to Lukyanov, it would have taken this deal, even under other circumstances. "It's not my choice, I things are not looking for," assured the lawyer.

Kohala, the wife of Ukrainian rapper Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko) – were detained in St. Petersburg on suspicion of dismembering her husband. According to the woman, her husband died four days before the arrest Kohala, and the body she dismembered herself. Criminal case was brought on signs of the crime provided by part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code "Murder".

The investigation claims that Kohala on the evening of 29 July, unidentified way, but deliberately killed jusko in the apartment building on Nevsky prospect, and then dismembered his body to conceal the crime.

Oleg Sokolov, according to investigators, at night on November 8 last year at home in St. Petersburg, shot and killed his wife, a graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko of the circumcision hunting rifle, and on the night of November 9 decided to get rid of the body, dividing it with a saw and a handsaw. Morning random citizen pulled out of the river Moika historian, not keep his balance and slipped into the water in his backpack and found a bag with parts of the body. Sokolov confessed to the crime and the motive named a quarrel with a sweetheart.