NASA astronaut compared the fit of a Crew Dragon with finding "within the beast"

The Crew Dragon vehicle during its return to Earth was more like a beast than a spaceship, described his return to it from the ISS NASA astronaut Bob Behnken.

The astronaut said that "when we fell a little bit in the atmosphere, the Dragon came to life ... the atmosphere is beginning to make sounds, you can hear it roaring outside the ship and as the ship is trying to control (the movement), you feel the shaking his body," - said the astronaut.

"The sounds of this, I recorded it, it didn't sound like a machine, it sounded like an animal running through the atmosphere," said Behnken.

He also told me that at the moment of separation of the cargo compartment and especially the release of the brake parachute was felt by the crew of "as the bat hit on the back of your chair".

Commander Doug Hurley, in turn, noted that he expected that during the flight there will be more surprises. "It was in the simulator ... there were no surprises," said the commander of the Crew Dragon. "The ship behaved exactly as expected," he said.

Hurley said that soon after landing the crew was able to use the car phone. "It was also part of the test, we called SpaceX in Hawthorne (California, headquarters and mission control center SpaceX - ed), they were asked to wait, we decided to call on you," he told a NASA astronaut. He said that the crew called the flight Directors at NASA, and then wives, who were together in the MCC in Houston.

"It's nice to know that the next crew will be able to contact the family, if need be," - said the astronaut.

Crew Dragon returned to Earth from the first manned test flight on 2 August with NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Bencini. The spacecraft was launched from Earth in late may and was in orbit for two months. Splashdown of the Dragon Crew in the Gulf of Mexico became the first U.S. landing on water manned mission since 1975 and the first solo manned flight in 2011.