At UNN commented on the data about the target enrollment of children of officials

The University has no right to find out personal information about entrants for targeted training, it only checks the validity of the contract told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Nizhny Novgorod University named after Lobachevsky, commenting on the publication that in a number of leading Russian universities for the training send their children of high-ranking officials.

Previously published joint investigation of the publication "Important history", "Novaya Gazeta", a student magazine Doxa and ANO "transparency international — Russia", according to which in Russia's leading universities, including Nizhny Novgorod state University of Lobachevsky, was taken at targeted training for the children of officials, many of whom allegedly would be unable to act on a competitive basis.

The interlocutor of the Agency stressed that during training, "there are no priorities and a different attitude to this category of students there, they are trained and held interim certification as regular students on a common basis".

The press officer of the University also noted that in UNN, the proportion arriving within the target quota does not exceed 3% of the total "budget" of students.

Previously, the HSE explained that the University has no information about the kinship applicants target recruitment, a contract for targeted training concluded between the applicant and the organization that is the customer of the target set. The press service of the people's friendship University, commenting on the same publication, reported that the universities have no rights or authority to refuse to accept documents for entrants to targeted training, and to investigate the existence of a conflict of interests between the customer and relevant training and the citizen signed the contract, without the participation of the University.

In the investigation, the media also referred to the son of the Manager of presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Kolpakov. As told RIA Novosti press-Secretary Manager Elena Krylova, the son Kolpakova received his medical education, he graduated from high school to straight a's and now works as a doctor.