Human rights activists said that in Slutsk arrested 18 supporters Tikhanovski

The number of detainees on the failed rally in support of the candidate on a post of the President of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski, which was to be held in Slutsk, Minsk region, rose to 18, said the public campaign "human rights Defenders for free elections".

The beginning of the rally in Slutsk was scheduled for 17.30 (same as GMT). According to human rights, even before the anticipated rally to the venue drove municipal vehicles and tractors, utilities staff planted flowers in the flowerbeds. Near the site for the rally was an open hatch. However, the site was fenced with tourniquets. To participate in the rally gathered about 500 people.

Tikhanovski in his video message said that the authorities there "very urgent need" to carry out repairs on the place of the picket," and the picket is cancelled through no fault of her reasons. Soon the place failed of the picket were the police, who urged people to disperse from unauthorized activities, and then were separate detentions.

On its website, human rights activists have published a list of names of 18 people, about the detention of which they know only three were released from the police station, in respect of one of them drawn up on the participation in an unauthorized event.

On Tuesday it fell another rally Tikhanovski, where she and the team went from Slutsk, in the Minsk region Soligorsk at 19.30. Trustee candidate Olga kovalkova said in the video that the team members Tikhanovski, arrived for training activities at the local stadium, I saw working there the equipment, implementation of works on replacement of pipes. Later information was received from the local authorities that due to urgent work event was cancelled. However, people came to the picket, the police urged them to disperse and arrested a few people.

"We know that in Salihorsk detained at least five people," - said human rights activists.

In turn, the staff Tikhanovski said in the Telegram channel, that after some time, the detainees were released from the police.

Election of the President of Belarus will be held in the Republic on 9 August, involving five candidates, including incumbent head of state. On Tuesday, the country began early voting, now in the country is campaigning.