It became known, what was quarantined demonic doll Annabelle

On the YouTube channel of Warner Bros. Pictures has posted a comic video, which showed what was quarantined demonic doll Annabelle from the horror.

The movie begins with the fact that the toy sits on a chair. This continues for several days after the start of isolation. Then Annabel, which, apparently tired of doing nothing, goes to the kitchen to make popcorn and then watch the last film with her participation.

After a week of quarantine the demonic doll out in the yard and sunbathing on the sun loungers and after a few days of xerocopied his face, eats candy and plays with a Ouija Board.

The video ends after almost five months since the start of the quarantine, Annabelle does not stand up and goes to the Golf course in a protective mask.

In the comments users wrote that possessed the doll on the isolation was more fun than many of them: "Now she needs to invite Chuckie, When even the quarantine Annabelle was more intense than yours", "I first laugh, seeing Annabelle".

Doll from the video first appears as a minor character in the horror film "the Conjuring" (2013). Then she devoted an entire trilogy: "the Curse of Annabelle" (2014), "the Curse of Annabelle: the Birth of evil" (2017) and "the Curse of Annabelle, 3" (2019).