Media: Beijing will take retaliatory measures if all the journalists leave China, USA

The Chinese side is prepared for the "worst case scenario" in which all reporters China will have to leave the United States, in this case Beijing will take retaliatory measures, including against American journalists based in Hong Kong, said the chief editor of Global Times, Hu West capital.

This year between the US and China, the contradictions on the question of how media coverage of the epidemic of the coronavirus. The United States demanded a number of Chinese state media to reduce the number of journalists working on American soil, which led to the actual expulsion of 60 members of the media of the PRC.

In turn, China demanded the surrender of the journalistic identities of US citizens, working in China for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, which also forced us journalists to leave the country. In addition, the United States and China have tightened claims to the journalists, demanding a report on the number of employees, finances and other aspects of journalistic activities available on-site.

Relations between Beijing and Washington in recent months are running high for a number of reasons such as pandemic coronavirus, the human rights situation of national minorities in China, the refusal of China to participate in the negotiations on arms control, trade contradictions.