The handlers told what not to feed dogs

Proper and balanced diet – the key to good health and longevity of your beloved dog. In Russian kennel Federation (RKF), RIA Novosti said, what foods dangerous for dogs and made recommendations that will help to maintain the health of Pets for many years.

According to him, feed the dog only a specially selected dry food or natural diet with addition of vitamin-mineral complexes, if to consult with your veterinarian. In the first case, the animal will receive all the necessary trace elements from the feed, and the second to compensate for the deficiency with supplements.

"Refrain from feeding from the common table. Without a piece of meat or cheese in the evening, the dog will not suffer, even if her eyes see the whole sadness of this world," - said Golubev.

He also urged never to give the dog bones from the table, since the tubular bones dog bite into small shards that can penetrate the intestinal wall and lead to the death of the animal.

As the head of the RKF, there are a number of products that do not give the dog under any circumstances.

For example, are dangerous for dogs are chocolate and all its derivatives: milk and white chocolate, chocolates with nuts, cocoa and beverages based on it. All these foods contain theobromine, which is poisonous for a dog's body, explained in RKF.

The harm that theobromine causes the stomach and other organs, irreversible. The dog may begin pancreatitis or even hepatitis after its use. "What is more dangerous is that dogs love it. So be careful and keep it out of reach for the animal places" - advised the dog.

In second place on the toxicity are tea and coffee (with milk and other fillers). They contain the same set of toxic components and have a similar effect on the body of the animal.

Onions and garlic are also banned. They are bad for the scent of the dog, causing diarrhea and anemia. "Try not to let their animal even after heat treatment (products become even more toxic) and part of other food," - warn the handlers.

The big danger for dogs represent plums, peaches, apricots, cherries and cherries. Their seeds contain cyanide, which is dangerous to humans. When eating fruit, the dog can chew and then get a dose of poison and damage to the intestines from shrapnel. Seedless they also can not use, as due to eating foods with high acidity in the dog can develop pancreatitis, explain in RKF.

Avocados for dogs is also prohibited. Any portion thereof, toxic to dogs because it contains persin. It causes diarrhea, vomiting, nasal congestion, sneezing, trouble breathing and internal organs.

Similar symptoms, say the handlers, arise in the use of any nuts, especially macadamia, and nutmeg, as well as all of the products with their contents. They cause severe damage to the nervous system, convulsions and seizures, accompanied by vomiting and fever, said in RKF.

Other nuts contain a lot of fats that have a negative impact on the digestive system of the dog. "Remember: nuts for dogs – junk food, and some types of poison," said the dog.

Experts also advise to avoid eating dog salt and sugar. Sugar accelerates the destruction of tooth enamel and becomes the cause of development of diabetes, and salt causes dehydration, which is especially dangerous in hot weather.

"So sweet cookies (even with powdered sugar), popcorn, hard candy and salty snacks dogs can be given. Diet sweets from your table is no exception, as sugar substitutes are also bad for the liver", - told in RKF.

Dog handlers also shared a list of foods that can be given only occasionally, but still better to avoid getting into a dog bowl. Corn, eggs, and any meats are difficult to digest and cause bloating in dogs, because those not have the necessary enzymes. In addition, eggs impair the absorption of vitamin B. "however, corn and eggs made up of specialized feeds are completely safe," - said in RKF.

Pomegranate and grapes also better to give as little as possible, particularly small breeds, said dog handlers. "The first is too acidic and causes an upset stomach, and second, even in dried form (raisins) for frequent or heavy use causes indigestion, destruction of liver cells and kidney flatulence. Bones of these products for dogs are toxic. So even in nature do not allow the animal to eat fresh grapes from the vine," he warned the dog.

Flatulence and stomach upset in Pets will cause any baked pastries and puff pastry dough. Especially if they have sugar. "Even if it was a pie with meat, the animal finds it difficult to digest," - said in RKF.

The same situation with mushrooms with potatoes. It's too rich a dish the dog won't be able to digest, and fungi can cause some animals to serious poisoning and convulsions, said the handlers.

Under the restrictions were also: ice cream, cheese and milk. They cause diarrhea, upset stomach, and in constant use increases the likelihood of pancreatitis. "Of course, if the dog will try quite a bit of ice cream, nothing will happen, but to buy her a horn to please, you can't," he warned in RKF.

If you ignore the warnings of doctors, a couple minutes of pleasure for the dog turn into a week of feeling bad.

"If your pet can't live without dairy products, and rarely let them choose only those that contain a minimum percentage of fat," said the dog.

In addition to the list of prohibited products, dog handlers told RIA Novosti on the list of beneficial fruits and vegetables to enrich the diet of Pets. It includes: sliced carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, fresh and dried sugar-free Apple, pear without skin, bananas. "Especially dogs love raw zucchini. All of this can be given in fresh or dried form. In pet stores you can find a lot of treats on the basis of pear, sweet potato, carrots and apples with the addition of dried meat," - said in RKF.

To encourage in training dog handlers advise to use homemade yeast-free crackers on the water and without salt, boiled chicken or Turkey, dried hearts or pieces of lung, which can be purchased at a pet store.

"If a pet likes sweets, then treat it with pumpkin or cherry tomatoes. The usual cookies or candy for vegetarian eating dogs are not suitable," he told the handlers.