Russian vaccine against COVID-19 this year will be inaccessible to children

A vaccine against coronavirus infection yet will be inaccessible to children, by law, the drug must first pass a full cycle of tests on adults, reported RIA Novosti Director of the National research center named after Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg.

In turn, the Director of the Institute for translational medicine and biotechnology sechenovskiy University Vadim Tarasov told RIA Novosti that before use of the vaccine in children is usually conducted preclinical tests on immature animals, a decision was then made on the use of drugs on children.

"It is too early to talk about the use of vaccines in children, but they are not a risk group, they are easier to tolerate disease", - said Tarasov.

Earlier, the Minister of health of Russia Mikhail Murashko said that clinical trials of vaccines against coronavirus infection, developed by the center Gamalei, already completed, and is now preparing documents for its registration.

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