To walk outside barefoot dangerous? The doctor's opinion

Months of isolation without sports and walking could not but affect the health of the feet. Swelling, heaviness, pain. We have lost the habit to walk long distances and cause serious discomfort. To save the situation the right shoes, explained in an interview with radio Sputnik honored doctor of Russia, Beijing, chiropractor, reflexologist, Andrey Kubyshkin.

When choosing shoes it is important to pay attention to the sole. It is responsible for shock absorption. Hard or flat sole protects the heel from impact and it can lead to serious issues, said in an interview with radio Sputnik honorary doctor Andrei Kubyshkin.

"Raises concerns shoes with thick leather soles that is not absorbing the load on the heel, the arch of the foot, and causes problems related to pain. On the sole there is a wide fascia that lines the entire plantar portion of the foot, it is attached by thick film to the heel bone. And if the sole of the shoes is not absorbing the load, very often after 35-40 years begins to arise heel spurs or plantar fasciitis — inflammation at the attachment site of the fascia," said Andrew Kabichkin.

However, this is not a sentence from heel spurs can be eliminated.

"Treated this disease is quite effectively shock-wave therapy. But if I sore the trailer, it is quite clear that we should go to the doctor. Sometimes spur surgery — the operation is visible in the sweep of bone formation to reduce the likelihood of trauma to surrounding tissue," said Andrew Kabichkin.

Moreover, according to him, the heels in this sense, is as dangerous as the flat sole. Adds health and walking barefoot in the house, if the apartment is too solid floors.

"The heel is also not absorbs the shock load, therefore, provokes unpleasant disease. Here we have asphalt, concrete, tiles. Risk and people walking home barefoot on tile or concrete. Wood does not cause these diseases. If parquet is good. And laminate flooring, tiles, granite tiles can cause this disease. Not all Slippers are useful. People with diabetes not in the flat Slippers to walk on the hard surface, the foot should roll," — said in an interview with radio Sputnik, Andrey Kubyshkin.

But the specialist is not against heels, he admits that it is beautiful, but calls to all to come with a mind to wear them not more than two or three hours a day. Especially heels higher than seven centimeters.