Butchers explained how to save man and not to die himself

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov commented on the incident in Barnaul, when during a fight a man kill another man with one blow, noting that before you rush to the aid person should assess the situation.

According to investigators, the fight took place on the night of July 27, near one of entertaining institutions with the participation of several residents of Barnaul. The incident was caught on video and caused strong public outcry. The footage shows how a resident of Barnaul trying to break up a street fight, in the end, he receives a strong blow to the head and no longer rises from the asphalt. The man who was hit, died. A criminal case under article "Deliberate causing of heavy harm to health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim".

In order to avoid similar incidents he advises to understand which side is better to approach a burning car or to the hole, to analyze how many people are involved in the fight, and if they have something in their hands. This will help to begin to act correctly and not become a victim in the current situation.

Butchers said that to intervene in a fight should be a loud scream to attract attention. Then you need to embrace the most active participant in the fight, tightly cling to him with all my body and be sure to head to twist and captivate to land the takedown.

Butchers also advises not to try to "revive" the human self: it is enough to pull the victim from the danger zone and stop the bleeding. It is also important to involve in the incident other people will be able to assist in this situation.