The lawyer revealed new details about the dismemberment of rapper Cartwright

The defense attorney in the case of the dismemberment of the St. Petersburg rapper Andy Cartwright Irina Scurtu told "MK" about the new details of the incident.

According to the lawyer, she believes Kohala.

"Watching her condition, I'm sure that after all these years it will need serious long rehabilitation. Maybe I will have to lie down in a psychiatric clinic to recover," said the lawyer.

She added that his wife gave clear testimony about the death of the rapper, but the rest of it is a blur.

"She can't remember where it wandered then what I was doing," concluded Scurtu.

On the question of how Kohala managed to dismember a body and where she learned this, the lawyer replied that her client held associations with his profession as a seamstress.

"The clothes are easier to break into pieces where there are seams. If she got it figured out in advance, then perhaps she would. But she did it all in one night, then was horrified at her act," the lawyer continued.

To get rid of the remains as Kohala was going, prevented body size, says Skurtu.

"How could she be taken out of the apartment the body of a healthy two-meter man? Marina fragile, small. She realized that she is unable to even touch remains," said she.

This was originally her client had intended to go on the scheme of the historian Oleg Sokolov. The difference in the situations lies in the different motives, according to the lawyer. So, the falcons dumped the remains of his concubine in the river to cover up a murder, and Kohala, which, according to Scurtu, didn't kill her husband, was a "weird motive": he was not selfish and was not based on jealousy.

The investigation claims that Kohala on the evening of 29 July, unidentified way, but deliberately killed Cartwright (Alexander Yushko) in the apartment building on Nevsky prospect, and then dismembered his body to conceal the crime.

The primary cause of death of the rapper is not currently installed, necessary examinations are appointed. As reported by the United press service of the courts of Petersburg, Kohala, where charged not guilty.

Oleg Sokolov, according to investigators, at night on November 8 last year at home in St. Petersburg, shot and killed his wife, a graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko of the circumcision hunting rifle, and on the night of November 9 decided to get rid of the body, dividing it with a saw and a handsaw. Morning random citizen pulled out of the river Moika historian, not keep his balance and slipped into the water in his backpack and found a bag with parts of the body. Sokolov confessed to the crime and the motive named a quarrel with a sweetheart.