The wife of rapper Cartwright was arrested for two months

The wife of the deceased in St. Petersburg Ukrainian rapper Andy Cartwright was arrested for two months, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

"Smolninskiy district court chose as a preventive measure Marina Kohala detention," said the judge.

The lawyer accused Irina Scurtu noted that she did not admit guilt, and the cause of death is currently not installed. According to the defense, the motive for the crime — the murder out of jealousy — "artificially formulated."

According to Scurtu, Kohala was that it was a small conflict with her husband, when he came drunk, but he was exhausted.

Earlier, the party of victims asked to file the correspondence of the slain rapper with a friend Nadezhda Romanenko, which is currently held as a witness. It was noted that he was texting with the girl, they had a romantic relationship, and the wife of the Cartwright's knew about it.

Lawyers Kohala insist that this correspondence is not a sign of infidelity of the rapper. The last time he talked with Romanenko in March.

Representative of the victims, in turn, said that under house arrest accused may abscond from the investigation authorities and the family of Cartwright and Kohala were constant quarrels. He also expressed the belief that the accused did everything to hinder the examination of the dead body.

She Kohala stated that she called the emergency services after her husband's death. Thinks that she is innocent of the murder and admitted that he wants to return to the child.

The protection of the accused has promised to appeal the decision on its arrest.

Last week in an apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, the police found the body of 31-year-old man. His body parts were Packed in five packages, and on the scene found a hacksaw, a basin and a chopping Board. The deceased was a participant in the Battle Versus Andy Cartwright (real name — Alexander Yushko).

According to the wife of a musician who was in the same apartment, he died four days before his body was found because of a drug overdose. The woman stated that she dismembered the corpse to hide the cause of death and write "in memory of" on her husband.

On Friday she was detained. According to investigators, Kohala killed the wife of an unspecified way and tried to get rid of the traces of the crime. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case of murder.