Trump demanded to sell TikTok until 15 September

US President, Donald trump has demanded to sell the app TikTok before September 15, he said this to reporters at the White house.

Trump said that 15 Sep TikTok "out of business" if its not buy Microsoft or another company.

"We set the date - approximately September 15 at this moment (TikTok) will cease to work in the United States. But if someone, Microsoft or someone else will buy it, it'll be interesting," said trump.

He added that he discussed this issue with Microsoft and urged to buy the whole company, not share it.

"My opinion was that it is better to buy the whole thing than 30%. I think the 30% purchase is difficult. I said that he (head of Microsoft) can move on and try (to buy TikTok)," said trump.

In addition, he insisted that part of the proceeds from sales should go to the Ministry of Finance of the United States.

Previously, trump said that he could forbid TikTok on the grounds that it is a Chinese company, which by law must transmit data about users to the authorities of the PRC. TikTok States that did not pass and is not planning to transmit user data to the Chinese authorities. Microsoft on Sunday confirmed after consultation with the trump that will continue negotiations on purchase of the application.