"Bomb": Arthur Pirozhkov met in a dance battle with Pohladom

Russian singer and showman Alexander Revva, better known under his stage pseudonym Arthur Pies, published in the instagram video, which shows you how is a dance off between him and Paglesham (Dmitry Krasilov).

Under the single Rockit from Future Shock album by jazz pianist and winner of 14 Grammy awards, Herbie Hancock, Pugles and Arthur Pirozhkov making waves and body slightly mimic the robot dance. In the end, the participants improvise live.

"It's a bomb," – said the singer Glucose.

The others agreed with her opinion and wrote in the comments that the Pies and Pugles "mobile", "talented" and "funny". A winner was never determined.

Dmitry Krasilov came to prominence after she starred in the music video of Little big song Uno, with which the team of Elijah Prusikin was supposed to go to Eurovision this year. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus, the competition moved. But Puglias managed to become a star.

So, he took part in the music video of Cream Soda song "Bread" "Cry to Techno", and also danced with Polina Gagarina, Dmitry Nagiyev and Yana Rudkovskaya.