Tymoshenko said about the "tragic mistake" of Ukrainians

The Ukrainians made a "tragic mistake" by electing the current government, said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the head of the party "Batkivshchyna" Yulia Timoshenko on air of channel "112 Ukraine".

However, she said, it is possible to correct this error, because this year the country will hold regional elections.

"Now, again, if we understood that there had been a heavy, tragic mistake that was chosen kind of power that was chosen a President, then the government of the ignorant and the Amateurs, now it is possible to fix it" — said Tymoshenko.

Also, according to the MP, most citizens of Ukraine, almost 70 percent believe the country is moving in the right direction.

Earlier, the Rada appointed on October 25, the next local elections the relevant draft resolution was supported by 326 parliamentarians when the required minimum of 226 votes, while the elections will not take place in uncontrolled Kiev territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Also will not hold elections to the regional councils controlled Kiev territory of Donbass. These areas will continue to obey the civil-military administrations.