In Russia there is a tropical bed bugs

Tropical bed bugs are seen in some Russian cities, they can appear home with the purchase of clothing or furniture, crawl next door or to come from the trip with things, as are found even in five-star hotels, told RIA Novosti press-service of Rospotrebnadzor.

Most often bed bugs get into the house with the things, clothes or furniture, in addition, they can crawl in from neighboring apartments through the vents or electrical outlets, so if a pest got at least one apartment, there is a risk of spreading them all over the house, said the press service.

Bring bed bugs home after staying in hotels, as the insects are found even in five-star hotels, so if you check in the room should carefully inspect the bed, and at the slightest suspicion to refuse a stay in this hotel, stressed the press service.

The appearance of bed bugs often can be seen by the presence of bites on the body after sleeping, the insects feed on blood, so drawn to the man, said the Agency.

"Tropical bugs is that they can attack on the person and day.

The main period of activity of bed bugs is in the summer and the beginning of the heating season. To notice the appearance of pests at an early stage, it is recommended to frequently change bed sheets",- noted in Rospotrebnadzor.

To prevent the spread of bedbugs, it is recommended to conduct regular cleaning, better use vacuum cleaner often to change bed linen, just wash it, to periodically inspect the sofas and carpets to pay attention to some traces of bed bugs: dark spots in the joints of furniture items, picture frames on the inner side of the backward of Wallpaper, spots of blood on the linen, added the press service.

Not to bring bed bugs from traveling in their things, it is recommended to keep the bags in the bath or shower because on slippery surfaces the insects are harder to penetrate things. Dirty linen and clothing should be placed into a tightly sealed package and do not store on the floor, and when I come back things are better to give to the Laundry or dry cleaning, where things will be processed at a high temperature, specified in the CPS.