The forum "Army 2020" in the PUBLICATION will present the latest military equipment

The latest weapons and military equipment presented in the military-technical forum "Army 2020" in the southern military district, the press service of YUVO.

In the southern military district continues preparations for the International military-technical forum, which will be held at 16 parks "Patriot" in 14 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The forum of the southern military district will take part more than 40 military units, more than 10 enterprises of industry and scientific research institutes and educational institutions.

In addition, the exhibition will show the newest anti-aircraft system SDA "BUK-M2", operational-tactical complex "Iskander", the armored car "Tiger", a multifunctional complex for unmanned aircraft "Orlan-10" and "Aileron-3" anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes "Pantsir-S1" and other military equipment.

The audience will demonstrate modern tactics of warfare, the scenes of historical battles, as well as a demonstration flight of military aircraft.

International military-technical forum "Army-2020" will be held from 23 to 29 Aug 2020. For the first time duration increased from six to seven days.

The forum of PUBLICATION is scheduled in Stavropol, Vladikavkaz, Volgograd and for the first time in Kaspiysk, as well as in Adygea, Astrakhan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, the Kuban and in Chechnya and the city of Gyumri in Armenia, where a Russian military base is stationed.