The lawyer told about the state of the mother dismembered rapper Andy Cartwright

The mother of rapper Andy Cartwright is in a depressed state because of the death of the son and of the circumstances of this incident, said the woman's lawyer Anton Kobit in an interview with "Fifth channel".

"The condition of the mother depressed. She suffered a great loss and given under any circumstances. You can talk about nervous shock— said the lawyer.

He stressed that the mother of the deceased does not have any property claims to the accused in the murder of the rapper, she only hopes for the truth and punishment for those responsible.

In this case, said Kobit, his doveritelnyi believes that her son was killed. Soon a woman will come from the Ukraine to St. Petersburg.

The corpse Cartwright (Alexander Yushko) found Wednesday in an apartment on Nevsky Prospekt. Body parts were Packed in five packages, at the scene also found a hacksaw, a basin and a chopping Board.

Wife of rapper, who was in the same apartment, says that he died from a drug overdose. The woman stated that she dismembered the body to conceal the cause of death and write "in memory of" on her husband. According to investigators, Kohala killed the wife of an unspecified way and tried to get rid of the traces of the crime.