In some regions restricted cash replenishment travel

In a number of Russian regions from the third Aug is limited to the cash replenishment of transport maps. New rules introduced due to changes in regulation e-wallets. You can recharge the card will be in the Bank or electronically via the Internet.

As explained by RIA Novosti, the Chairman of the Association of market participants of electronic money and remittances (de) Victor Dostov, entering into force a ban on the replenishment of non-personalized wallets in cash applies to all types of non-personal tools, regardless of their destination. Gets banned and the cash funding of a significant number of transportation cards, students cards and other tools.

According to Dostov, the number of projects that will be forced to suspend cash acceptance is unknown. This is usually a small, regional payment solutions for transportation, catering staff, school and work canteens.

The authorities of some regions have warned passengers about restrictions in advance. For example, on the website of the Department of roads and transport of the Lipetsk region on July 30 published a report that the transport card you can no longer independently replenish cash. Passengers offer to replenish the transport map in the savings Bank and Bank "Zenith" employees of the offices, through the banking terminal or for a payment link. The same information is available on transport portal of Veliky Novgorod — August 3, map Beresta you can only top up cashless through Bank or application.

About restrictions and warned on the transport portal of the city of Ivanovo and Ivanovo region. However, there is that is being finalized the software for the procedure of customer identification at the cash card top-up.

Decisions on travel are currently regulated by several laws, said RIA Novosti head of the Department "Transport and social card" payment system "Golden crown" Alexander Grishin. Restrictions on cash deposits will affect the regions in which such projects are implemented on the basis of the law "About national payment system". According to the expert, only such regions about twenty.

Other regions, however, transport projects can work within the framework of the law on acceptance of payments from individuals by payment agents, in this case, any restrictions on depositing cash should not be.