The lawyer suggested how can you justify Ephraim

Actor Mikhail Yefremov may justify at least in two cases. This opinion in an interview with TV channel "360" shared the lawyer Boris Lokshin.

According to him, in order to translate these scenarios into reality will require "good skills".

The lawyer said that in this case it will be necessary to conduct the examination of the vehicle, which was operated by the actor. In the case of the fault detection hose, accidents can associate with a technical malfunction of the machine.

Lokshin noted that the second most likely option — the other driver. Under this scenario, Efremov, being in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, could cause the driver for hire or someone outside and ask them to take him to the right place.

According to Lokshina, a more detailed study of the circumstances of the accident "you can get something else."

As previously stated the lawyer of the artist Elman Pashayev, he has a "trump card" to justify his client.

Accidents involving Ephraim occurred on Smolensk square in Moscow on the evening of 8 June. The actor in the Jeep Grand Cherokee crossed the double line, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with the Lada van, at the wheel which was a 57-year-old courier online-shop Sergey Zakharov. He got head injury and died in hospital.

The examination found that in the time of the accident Efremov was drunk, and later in blood, he found traces of drugs. Now the artist is under house arrest, he faces up to 12 years of imprisonment.

A few days after the tragedy Efremov has recorded a video apology to the family of the deceased. Later, however, Pashayev said that his client does not consider himself responsible for the accident.