The cardiologist called vitamins that you need to drink after COVID-19

The candidate of medical Sciences, cardiologist Tatiana Fish said in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" of advice to people experiencing COVID-19 and already recovered.

The medic stressed that one should not "read the tea leaves" if you suspect a cold or coronavirus infection, and it is necessary to consult the physician to protect the health of yourself and loved ones.

Also, she said, you need to follow the doctor's instructions.

In addition, if discomfort continues after recovery from COVID-19, the doctor recommends taking vitamin D and vitamins of group B. in Addition, the physician advises to observe the regime of work and rest and get out more.

During the pandemic coronavirus in Russia have revealed approximately 845 thousand cases 14 058 people with COVID-19 dead, more than 646 thousand recovered.

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