The doctor described the symptoms of hepatitis B

The doctor-hepatologist, head of the research Department of innovative therapy of the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov Chavdar Pavlov told radio "Moscow speaking", what symptoms indicate the disease hepatitis B.

According to him, at an early stage of specific symptoms does not happen, they manifest themselves in the "advanced stages" is the increase in the abdomen or swelling in the legs.

However, to accurately determine the presence of hepatitis B will help the blood test — polymerase chain reaction for the pathogen of this disease.

The doctor also warned about the risk factors that may lead to hepatitis B. Among them, obesity and alcohol abuse.

The combination of alcohol with viruses and obesity provokes accelerated development stages of liver injury leading to complications.

A significant portion of people infected with hepatitis B virus, can learn about their disease only when it goes into a chronic form, sometimes decades after infection. Not knowing about the disease, they can pass it to other people.

Hepatitis b infection can become chronic and lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.