Ukrainian TV presenter was beaten and tried to rape in front of son

In Ukraine, beat and tried to rape in front of son of TV presenter Anastasia Meadow, the incident occurred in a train travelling from Mariupol to Kiev. This was told by the victim on instagram.

Night in the passenger compartment penetrated by a stranger. He began to beat the woman. Waking up, she saw that the attacker was naked. Meadow cried, woke up her little son, who also began to shout and ask "not to beat your mother." The man tried to hit the child, but the presenter managed to stop him. The attacker began to molest the woman.

Meadow then convinced the stranger to leave the compartment to her son saw nothing, he agreed and took the girl in his compartment. However, the boy began to shout loudly. Under the pretext that the child needs to calm down, she left her attacker, took their son, and together they ran barefoot to the conductor.

However, an employee of the train was asleep and did not realize what had happened. Then meadow ran to the next car, where she helped to hide from the abuser. The assailant was arrested, the head of the train ordered to guard him so he didn't run away. In Kiev, a man surrendered to law enforcement officials.

As writes portal "112 Ukraine", the result of the beating the woman in the face of strong bruises, doctors diagnosed a fractured jaw. According to preliminary information, the man was riding the train "a hare".