The doctor pointed to the threat from "school" sanitizer

Sanitizer this year will become a mandatory part of a "school set" of each child. The danger of such a decision and how to protect children, said in an interview with radio Sputnik pediatrician, immunologist-allergologist, Andrey Prodeusa.

The use of sanitizers and antiseptics in Russian schools this year will become mandatory. Students have to use these tools to protect against coronavirus infection and other diseases.

The main danger of using sanitizers in schools that students have to use them very often, and this leads to dryness of the skin. How dangerous it is for children is unknown, since the relevant large-scale studies on this matter have not yet been told Andrey Prodeusa.

Due to the lack of large studies on the effect of antiseptics on the skin sanitisers children scientists have to give them the same advice that adults, — says Andrey Prodeusa.

General advice for children and adults is that sanitizer and antiseptics should not be used every 15 minutes. These tools dry the skin, so they must be used not continuously but only after contact with a potentially dangerous surface, like the door handles.

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