Wasserman compared the development of the situation with coronavirus in Russia and the United States

Publicist Anatoly Wasserman in his article for REN TV compared the development of the situation with coronavirus in Russia and the United States.

Scrabble expressed the view that the world is teetering on the brink between viral epidemics and economic, and with the strengthening of quarantine, people begin to die from hunger, and when the weakening of restrictive measures against the disease.

The publicist also added that COVID-19 — not a seasonal disease, since in the southern hemisphere of the planet the course of the epidemic of the coronavirus is at approximately the same level as in the developed countries of the North, where "the seasons have shifted by six months."

Therefore, he believes that the second wave COVID-19 simply does not happen, and there will be one big wave.

During this period, he said, Russia has managed to create a system of diagnosis and treatment. On the other hand, in the United States "he has never been and is not expected" of a single medical system, Wasserman writes. The American economy in the form of a unified network of interacting industries is also significantly degraded in recent decades, according to the publicist.

"The current Second Great depression began in two thousand and eighth year. Quarantine interrupted the many technological chains, only allowed to write off the virus the consequences of the strategic mistakes of many of the rich of this world. Even when all of humanity prolactinoma — agriculture will have to be upgraded," concluded Wasserman.

During the pandemic coronavirus in Russia have revealed approximately 845 thousand cases 14 058 people with COVID-19 dead, more than 646 thousand recovered.

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