The lawyer wife of Andy Cartwright told the details of the dismemberment of the rapper

The mother of the deceased wife in St. Petersburg rapper from Ukraine Andy Cartwright helped her daughter to cut his body. This "the Fifth channel" the lawyer told the wife of the late Irina Scurtu.

The interviewee answered the question about the "technicality" of the dismemberment of the musician Marina Kohala.

The lawyer stressed that the organs of the Marina is not erased, only clothes. According to Scurtu, the defendant says that now she would not have done with your spouse. The lawyer concluded that the motive of her client — "keep bright the memory of man." For this reason, the woman had destroyed the fingerprints.

Fragments of the body of Cartwright (Alexander Yushko) in multiple packages were found in the apartment in Saint-Petersburg. According to his wife Marina Kohala, her husband died of a heart attack after a drug overdose, and she dismembered the corpse, to "save his reputation".

Originally Kohala took place in the status of the witness, but then the status changed to "suspect". She was charged with murder.