The former commander of the airborne forces told about the warning for abusers Russia

Offenders Russia will have to deal with its airborne troops, said their former commander, the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Shamanov in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia".

According to him, the relevant words can be seen on one of the posters in the Ryazan airborne school.

He stressed that now VDV are "the most versatile" troops of the Russian Armed forces. The Marines are superior to other ideology and combat capabilities, says Shamanov.

Also, said the former commander of the airborne forces, sometimes of his former charges, compared with the us marine corps, however, according to Shamanov, there are certain inconsistencies.

"U.S. Marines are the compounds which protect, as they say, national interests around the world. And airborne troops of Russia — a tool that allows you to solve problems primarily in the defense of the country, interaction with the CSTO allies. And if it is necessary to perform tasks abroad," he concluded.

The second of August Russia celebrates day of airborne forces. This year marks 90 years since the formation of these troops.