The source said the refusal of Montenegro to accept Russian tourists

National coordinating centre for infectious diseases (NKT) under the government of Montenegro adopted the decision on opening the borders for citizens of Russia, despite the proposals of the tourism industry, reported RIA Novosti a source in the body.

The entry in Montenegro in connection with the restrictions due to the COVID-19 currently banned two major categories of tourists - citizens of the Russian Federation and Serbia, the loss of the tourism industry in July are estimated at more than 90%.

According to reports, the Republican statistical office Monstat, in 2019 in the placement of individual objects in Montenegro rested 1.35 million people who spent 9.7 million overnight stays and almost 100% of the overnight stays carried out by foreigners. In the first place with 29.1 percent Russians, then the citizens of Serbia with 25.3 percent, followed by citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with 10.6%, followed by holders of passports of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Ukrainians, Germans, poles.

The Ministry of tourism and sustainable development of Montenegro according to local media on 27 July suggested the country's authorities to open borders for citizens of Russia, closed due COVID-19. It was expected that a decision will be made on 1 August, which confirmed the sources of RIA Novosti in the tourism industry and diplomatic sphere.

"Respecting institutional mandates, we kindly ask you to contact the national coordinating centre for infectious diseases (NKT)", - said the Agency in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Montenegro.

"All decisions of the NKT will publish after the fact, not pre-announce," - officially announced in the National coordinating Council on Saturday.

According to the source Agency, the Montenegrin authorities understand the relevance of this tourist destination for Russian citizens, but "the decision to open the border for them is still pending, when adopted, is unknown".

From 1 June the Montenegrin authorities have imposed conditions of entry on which the border is closed for citizens of States where more than 25 cases COVID-19 per 100 thousand population. After that NKT has identified a list of "green countries", which includes most EU countries and about 40 States, the Russian Federation and Serbia, as well as "yellow countries" whose nationals to enter the desired PCR test is not older than 72 hours: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Singapore and the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo.

While in Montenegro with 620 thousand people, the number of coronavirus patients on 100 thousand citizens has long exceeded 25 people. According to the National Institute of health, since the beginning of the pandemic to the Saturday, the country recorded 3198 infected, of whom 86 people over the past day. Since the beginning of the pandemic to Saturday died 50 people.

The Montenegrin government insists that the deaths - the result of imported infections from neighbouring countries. New patients were identified in June, despite the fact that in the second half of may, the government of Montenegro declared victory over the epidemic.

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