The doctor explained the fluctuations of growth of the cases of coronavirus in Moscow

The situation of coronavirus is stable in Moscow, told RIA Novosti the chief physician of the Infectious clinical hospital № 1 Svetlana Smetanina.

"Minor fluctuations in the rate of average daily growth rate of new cases COVID-19 for two calendar weeks, which at the moment is the main indicator of morbidity, is a classic for any infectious disease. Figures for the number of people infected with coronavirus in Moscow can be changed both in smaller and in a big way", she explained.

Accordingly, to speak about the deteriorating situation in Moscow it is impossible, said the specialist. According to her, so developing almost any infection.

"Experts are closely monitoring the prevalence of coronavirus infection, and if necessary immediate action would be taken. At the moment the situation is stable," concluded Smetanina.

Earlier, mayor Sergei Sobyanin also said that the peak of the pandemic passed in Moscow, the capital is at a minimum in the number of infected.

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