Butchers told about the unexpected consequences of snoring

In some cases, snoring can be dangerous, said the doctor Alexander Myasnikov to the TV channel "Russia 1".

One of the spectators sent the question, which talked about sleep apnea (temporarily stopping breathing) spouse. During sleep he snores, occasionally stop for about ten to twenty seconds, then abruptly screams. She asked what it might be called.

The butchers explained that in such moments, the soft palate overlaps the airway and the person can't breathe.

According to the physician, this is a manifestation of snoring is a real disease that can lead to diabetes, obesity, hypertension and impotence.

With the treatment using CPAP, which is engaged in artificial ventilation of the lungs in moments of overlap of the respiratory tract soft tissues. It is a special mask connected to the device that you want to wear during sleep.