Experts told which dishes don't need to eat on Board

Experts called meals that should not eat during the flight, reports the Express.

According to experts, the air does not need to consume dairy products: they can be spoiled due to improper storage during transport and on Board.

Fruit cut for a few hours before departure, they add preservatives to maintain freshness. Therefore they are also not worth eating on Board, as products with a high content of fat and sugar, which can cause poor health.

What to do during a flight is to drink plenty of water. But with drinks it's not so easy. The safe water on Board – bottled. Didn't need to use the one that flows from the tap. Even boiled can be bacteria long stored in tanks for its storage. They're rarely washed. And because tea and coffee for a delicate passenger – ban ice cubes too.

High altitude slows down digestion, which can cause sickness and nausea. Therefore, experts advise to avoid sandwiches with meat products - sausage, ham. In addition, these products have not undergone heat treatment, so the chance of poisoning them.

Sliced chicken and Turkey can be contaminated with Listeria, then a strong poison, the traveler is guaranteed.

As a result, experts suggest tightly there in the city of departure, and then – already at the destination. And to refuse food experiments in the plane.