Family and the Russian Embassy in the United States has lost communication with the booth, said his wife

The family of Russian businessman Viktor bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in the United States and Russian diplomats in Washington have lost touch with the Russians, he hasn't called home since July 22, said RIA Novosti the businessman's wife Alla Bout.

Viktor Bout was arrested in Thailand on us request in 2008 as a result of provocative operations of the American intelligence services and transported in the United States. In 2012, a jury in new York found the Russians guilty in the preparation of the conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens and material support of terrorism.

"On the 26th of July one of my husband's friends received a letter from him in prison e-mail, written 23 August, this is the usual delay of three days because of censorship. The letter stated that 36 cases of coronavirus infection. Not waiting for a call Victor this week, I went to the Russian Embassy in Washington, and I was informed that the diplomats can not get through to the Federal penitentiary in Marion where he is, because there is no one picks up," she said.

In the letter, booth, written on July 23, which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti, said that the coronavirus infection, which until July in Federal prison Marion (southern Illinois) was not quite, began to spread there in the last three weeks.

"I was sick and now sick for 36. Several people from the number of ill prisoners suffer severe COVID-19, almost fighting for life," - said in a letter to booth dated 23 July.

"I told Victor in one of the phone conversations recently that they transferred to prison to quarantine inmates of the prisons, where many were ill. How can you send people who have a suspected infection with a coronavirus, quarantined to a healthy? Where is any logic? But it was decided by someone in the leadership of the Bureau of prisons of the United States. What people thought?" - outraged wife Russian.

"Rather, it imposed more stringent quarantine, stopped making cameras altogether. In recent months, during the isolation, released once a day for a very short time, it was possible to go out into the courtyard of the block and breathe in some fresh air," she said.

"If you take call from home on 22 July, Victor was not out of contact for 10 days," said the wife of a Russian businessman.

According to her, this happened a couple of times in 12 and a half years of his incarceration, except when he was punished with a ban on phone calls and emails for some "disciplinary infraction", like the cultivation of tea fungus in the camera or unauthorized conversation with the journalist of the TV channel RT.

Viktor Bout denies the accusations at all points. In Thailand, he has won two of the process for extradition in the first instance, but then, on appeal, decisions of courts of first instance were cancelled. While still under the jurisdiction of the Thai court, Bout was taken to the United States with gross violations as Thai and American law. In 2012, a jury in new York found the Russians guilty, after which he was sentenced to the minimum sentence for articles he was charged with 25 years in prison.