A friend told about "strange" wives dismembered rapper Andy Cartwright

A friend of the deceased in St. Petersburg Ukrainian rapper Andy Cartwright described his wife as a person with oddities, the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

On the eve of the spouse of the actor was charged with murder. In SK believe that she killed Cartwright (real name — Alexander Yushko) "on the basis of personal hostile relations" no later than July 29, the modus operandi is not yet understood.

A friend of the rapper believes that a woman deeply interested in this topic.

The young man suggests that in this story, probably present drugs could cause an accident or "some kind of ritual ceremony".

On Wednesday evening in an apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, the police found the body of 31-year-old man. Body parts were Packed in five packages, and on the scene found a hacksaw, a basin and a chopping Board.

The victims were Ukrainian rapper, a participant in the Battle Versus Andy Cartwright. The wife of a musician who was in the same apartment, says that he died from a drug overdose. The woman stated that she dismembered the body to conceal the cause of death and write "in memory of" on her husband.