Crocodile mauled the Indian, performed the ritual for "good health"

A young man 18 years old died in a crocodile attack in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, when, on the advice of the priest, crossed the river after a Hindu ritual "Homa", according to the administration of the reserve Sanjay Pathak.

The ritual "Homa" known as "yajña" is a sacrifice to the fire of grains, ghee, milk, spices or seeds to protect from the bad effect, achieve good health and success in any business. Often this ritual is performed at weddings in India.

As representatives of the reserve, the crocodile dragged the youngster into the depths. Family members reported the incident to the administration of the reserve, and then began the rescue operation, which lasted until sunset. The body of the young man was found the next day two kilometers downstream with deep wounds on the neck and shoulder.

"We have repeatedly informed the local residents about the presence of crocodiles in the river, but they continue to go into the water for bathing and rituals. (Cash) payment in this case is extremely unlikely, since the incident occurred in the area of the reserve. The Department of revenue will decide whether or not to award compensation in accordance with state law on disasters", - said the Deputy Director of the reserve Sanjay Pathak.