In Berlin public spaces into open-air clubs

Berlin authorities propose to convert open space in the city at night clubs under the open sky, reports Travel and Leisure.

Due to the introduction during a pandemic coronavirus restrictions, the inhabitants of many cities unable to visit, for example, dance clubs. In the capital of Germany, a method was found to allow the residents to have fun without compromising their health.

Open space can be turned into a nightlife entertainment and to rent out for events, officials say. It is easy to observe social distance – a lot of places. Also, participants will be obliged to observe the rules of hygiene – washing hands often.

"Berliners miss the usual night club scene, andegraudnym parties, the Minister said the economy of the city of Ramona Pop. — That's why we want to create the legal possibility for parties in public places for tourists and residents".

According to German media, these clubs can appear in the city in the coming weeks.