Nikolai Tikhonov left the cosmonaut team because of an injury

Cosmonaut Nikolai Tikhonov, who received an eye injury and was removed from the crew for flight on the International space station, leaving the cosmonaut corps, told the Moscow cosmonaut training Center.

"The thirty-first of July, terminated the employment contract with a test-cosmonaut Nikolai Tikhonov Tikhonov... decided to leave the cosmonaut corps in connection with the recent new data on the state of health", - is spoken in the message on the organization's website.

Tikhonov was four times appointed in the composition of the main crew of the Soyuz spacecraft, but never got to fly on the ISS. Of the crew of "Soyuz MS-04" in 2017 and "Soyuz MS-10" in 2018, he was taken due to the reduction in the number of Russian cosmonauts on the ISS from three to two people.

From the crew of "Soyuz MS-15" in 2019, Tikhonov was removed, to organize the first astronaut from the UAE. From the crew of "Soyuz MS-16" in 2020, he was expelled because of an eye injury received before the flight.