Russia has toughened requirements to bookmaker offices and totes

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the law toughening the requirements to the bookmakers, which, in particular, precludes disguise them slot machines, and the possibility of betting on the outcome of the elections and referendums, and also prohibits combining activities of betting offices and totalizators, the relevant document published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The document sets out a closed list of events that can be bet at bookmaker. They include the official sport competitions, and sports competitions organized by the Russian sports federations and professional sports leagues and international sports organizations.

This list includes sports competitions which are organized by foreign sports federations, confederations, leagues, or councils, included in the national unified calendar plan on the relevant sport and the results of which are reflected on the official websites of the organizers of the competition on the Internet. In betting you can only make bets on horses at the racetrack.

Gambling organizer will be able to define an event, which depends on the outcome of the wager and which may occur or may not occur in the course of this event. These modifications are made in order to prevent the organization of gamblings with use of slot machines under the guise of bookmaking activity. In the second reading from the document were excluded norms allow for the possibility of taking bets on sporting events telecast live by TV channels, the voting results, results of elections and referendums.

The law also specifies the requirements for equipment that can be used in betting offices, betting houses and their betting shops and processing centers. The government of the Russian Federation can set additional requirements to it. The license will be issued on realization of activity on organization and conducting gambling in bookmaker offices or betting houses. However, determined by the characteristics of the suspension for 90 days and revocation of a license to conduct such activities in betting offices.

The reason for this is a failure to comply with orders to pay unpaid or underpaid during the year, contributions under agreements with the organizers of sports competitions, as well as the lack of implementation of the activities through the six months. Revocation of a license is possible only in a judicial order. The criteria for the exercise activity at the bookmaker will determine the Cabinet. The law should enter into force 60 days after its official publication, and the organizers of gambling in betting offices and totalizators shall within one year thereafter to bring their activities into compliance with the new requirements, including to renew the license.