In Moscow, was baptized a well-known African politician

Famous African politician, former Deputy Prime Minister of Gabon Bruno Ben Moubamba converted to Orthodoxy and was baptized in the Moscow Church, he was given the Christian name of Vladimir, said a member of the Synodal biblical-theological Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church, rector of the Church of the life-giving Trinity on the Vorobyovy hills Archpriest Andrey Novikov.

"The Day of the baptism of Rus the Lord has vouchsafed to make kinoprem the Orthodoxy of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Gabon Bruno Ben Moubamba David (at his request)," - wrote Novikov on his page in Facebook.

According to him, Bruno Ben Moubamba – a very educated man, graduated from one of the elite schools of France.

"A long talk with him about faith, he is well versed in the differences of Orthodoxy from Catholicism. The joy of heart that man has found the Truth so far from home, and made an absolutely conscious choice... Return to politics at home. This will be the first Gabonese Orthodox politician at all, especially of such level", - said Novikov.

The priest drew attention to the fact that conversion to Christianity and baptism in Moscow on the recent Deputy Prime Minister of Gabon became the main news of the Gabonese press and "political event of the first row for Gabon".

"It is interesting that some publications are already quite rude making fun of "whitening" of black politics. BLM is a BLM who need to. But as it concerns the Church, the political correctness somewhere immediately disappears, is not a sin and over the black to make fun of," added Novikov.

Bruno Ben Moubamba was born in 1967 in Gabon, and was raised in Catholic institutions. As a journalist, he participated in the creation of Catholic radio Sainte-Marie in Gabon's capital Libreville. In France also worked in the media. Ran as a candidate in the presidential elections of 2009 and 2016 in Gabon from the opposition. He worked in the government as Minister of housing construction in 2016-2017, at the same time held the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

The movement Black Lives Matter (BLM), performances under slogans which were held in USA and many other countries after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd, advocating the termination of funding of the police and fight for "racial justice" organizing and conducting pogroms.