In the United States apologized for the display of Africans in a cage with monkeys

Society for the protection of wildlife, the management of which is the Bronx zoo, apologized for the fact that in 1906 over several days in the monkey in an exhibit exhibited African.

"We apologize for the treatment of a young inhabitant of Central Africa, a representative of Mbuti people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and condemn it", - stated in the message of the organization.

As noted in the statement, in 1906 representatives of the zoo, led by Director William Horndean put a young African man named OTA Benga to the review in the monkey. A few days after this, when the dark-skinned priests expressed their indignation at this "shameful incident", the young man was sent to the orphanage. Ten years later, as the organization notes, "devoid of human qualities, unable to return home, OTA Benga tragically committed suicide".

In 2012, as reported by the New York Times, a monkey, which exhibited African, was closed. Describing the episode with a Bang, the newspaper writes that "the audience really loved "the new exhibit" zoo in 1906", "few people have objected to having to watch a man in a cage with monkeys as a companion". The newspaper said that the episode "remains a perfect illustration of the racism that gripped new York at the time."