Russia mirror response to cybersale EU

Cybersale of the EU towards structures of Russia, China and the DPRK based on unsubstantiated and contrived pretext, these actions will not remain without the answer, diplomacy is mirrored, the commentary said Russian foreign Ministry.

"Causes bewilderment and regret were adopted by the Council of the European Union on 30 July a decision on the imposition of unilateral restrictive measures in respect of a number of citizens and organizations of Russia and China and the DPRK. Again all made unproven, under the false pretext of involvement in certain cyber incidents that have taken place in the past. The political background of this step is obvious," - said in comments posted on the website of the Russian depodesta.

The EU Council said on Thursday that the coordinated introduction of individual restrictive measures against citizens and organizations of Russia, China and North Korea for cyber attacks that threaten the EU and member States. Restrictive measures were introduced including attempted cyber attacks against the OPCW, as well as for cyber attacks using malware WannaCry, NotPetya and Operation Cloud Hopper said in a statement released by the Council. A week ago was launched written procedure for the approval of such measures. It was reported that these restrictive measures include the freezing of assets and travel ban in the EU.

As stated in comments by the Russian foreign Ministry, Moscow is ready to respond to the restrictive measures imposed. "Of course, the unfriendly action of the EU will not be left unanswered. As you know, in diplomacy, all "mirrored",- stated in the message.

The foreign Ministry noted that Moscow has repeatedly warned the European Union from the evils of replication of unilateral sanctions measures. "Besides completely illegitimate from the international legal point of view. In dynamically developing cross-border digital space of special importance has collective commitment to multilateral solutions. Now the demand for joint efforts to develop universal rules, norms and principles of responsible behavior of States in the information space. Russia has been proposing such an approach," - said in comments.

"Moscow repeatedly offered the European Union to establish a professional dialogue about the concern issues in the information sphere. Or use the existing channels and mechanisms through the UN and the OSCE. But instead, Brussels would prefer to use established a year ago "on paper" Toolkit of sanctions, cynically describing it as "promoting international security and stability in cyberspace." The conclusion is that serious conversation that leads to resolution of differences and enhance mutual trust in the European Union prefer a policy of unilateral pressure and restrictions. This approach leads the world not to "order, based on the rules" about which so like to talk our EU partners, forgetting the Central role of the UN, but on the contrary, new political confrontations and cyberchaos," - said the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry insists on the unlawful nature of the decision of the European Union. "Noteworthy is clearly limping legal "logic" of the EU: Russian citizens accused of involvement in a certain cyberincidents that took place in 2018, a year before the establishment of the European Union is now activated mechanism "of cybermancy". In other words, apply it retroactively. EU lawyers are apparently deliberately forgot about the fundamental principle of the absence of retroactivity," - said in comments.

"Once again, we urge the EU to abandon fruitless attempts to pressure, to return to the implementation of basic norms of international and European law, and really – not in words but in deeds – the development of effective rules to prevent conflicts in cyberspace", - stated in the foreign Ministry.