Posted a video of the conflict women with BlaBlaCar driver near Sochi

Vesti TV has posted a video of the conflict of a woman with a driver who dropped a passenger with children from the car on the way to Sochi.

As reported in the regional Department of the MIA, the incident occurred on Thursday near the village of Lazarevskoe. The car came from Gelendzhik to Sochi.

The footage can be seen as the male pulls out of the car a woman with a crying child. The second child stands on the road near him the scattered belongings. The passenger screams and asks to return paid for the trip two thousand rubles.

According to a source RIA Novosti, the man reacted to the behavior of the kids in the car, which her mother was unable to calm.

The TV channel said that the driver was unhappy that in addition to the two predetermined suitcases from passengers has also been found balance bike and kids "song was sung and chips eating".

In BlaBlaCar said he was not involved in the incident. The service also could not confirm that a trip has occurred through them, but noted that they are ready to participate in clarifying the circumstances of the incident.

The interior Ministry said that the identity of the driver is installed, contacted him. Is checked.