Putin signed the law on multi-day voting

Vladimir Putin signed the law on multi-day voting in elections at all levels. Relevant document published on the Internet-portal of legal information.

Earlier amendments to the electoral legislation adopted in the state Duma and approved in the Federation Council. Now the format of multi-day voting in Russia will be distributed not only locally, but also in the Duma elections. According to the decision of the election Commission voting may be conducted for several consecutive days, but not more than three.

To count votes in this format will be immediately after the polls closed on the last day, the format of voting out the buildings of election commissions in adjoining areas — a multi-day elections will continue.

While early voting and voting by absentee ballots in such cases, organize will not.

The initiative regulates the recall of a member of the Commission. According to the amendments, it occurs at a strictly defined procedure: first, a political party makes to the governing body, appointed member of the Commission, the reasoned presentation of his opinion, and then new candidate. If proposals for replacement of no, feedback will not be considered.