The income of the Governor of Yamal has been halved for the year

The income of the Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district Dmitry Artyukhov decreased in comparison with 2018 almost half, at the end of 2019, he declared 30.7 million rubles, follows from the message on the website of the regional government.

"The head of the region Dmitry Artyukhov has declared an annual income of $ 30.7 million rubles. As in the previous year, the Governor in the ownership of a land area of 500 square meters and a car. Shared with the spouse of the Governor is a service apartment with an area of 72.7 square meters", - stated in the message.

Thus at the end of 2018 artjuhov has declared an income of 64,9 million rubles. Authorities in the region, commenting on this information, specified that a significant impact on the income of the head of the County provided early termination of his office as the Deputy Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district in may 2018 in connection with the appointment of the acting head of Yamal. Over 2.5 years of work Deputy Governor Artyukhov did not use 141 day of paid annual leave and upon termination of the employment contract in may last year he was paid compensation for all unused for this time vacation days.

For comparison, in 2017, occupying the post of Deputy Governor of Yamal, Artyukhov earned 25.3 million rubles. The artyuhova predecessor on a post of the head of the region, nowadays the head of Ministry of Russia Dmitry Kobylkin at the end of 2017 declared by 24.3 million rubles, as well as three houses and two apartments that were in use.

However, Artyukhov for the second year in a row is not the richest official in the government of the Yamal Peninsula. If at the end of 2018, ahead of his first Deputy Alexei Sitnikov, who declared that 65.7 million rubles, this time more Artyukhova earned two other his Deputy: in charge of external relations Alexander Mazharov and chief financial officer of the government of Yamal Albina Svintsova, whose income for the previous year amounted to 37.5 million and 31.7 million rubles, respectively.