Putin denounced the agreement with Kazakhstan on the radar "Balkhash"

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed Federal law denouncing the agreement in 2014 with Kazakhstan on the transfer host "Balkhash" in the Russian system of missile warning (EWS).

The corresponding document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The structure of the node "Balkhash" included radar station (RLS) "Dnepr", used in the Russian system of missile warning and space control. As explained in the defense Ministry, the node "Balkhash" has become redundant after commissioning of the four new radar stations in Russia.

Russian property before the expiration of the agreement will be in Russia. The agreement may be denounced by either party, notice must be sent no later than six months before its expiration.

Space forces commander Alexander Golovko said earlier that if the station in Balkhash can detect targets at a distance of 3 thousand kilometers, the new radar station in Barnaul, Omsk and Armavir "see" missiles for 6 thousand kilometers.

This is not the first case of decommissioning of the radar, located on the territory of post-Soviet States. So, in 2012, stopped working the Russian station type 5Н79 "DTV" in Gabala (Azerbaijan).