In Britain suspended the easing of quarantine coronavirus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the suspension of further easing of the quarantine measures in response to the deteriorating situation with the coronavirus in Britain.

"In many ways, the progress (in combating coronavirus) continues... But I have been warned repeatedly that the virus can return, and we will be ready to take decisive action... Today's data from the office for national statistics show that the spread of the coronavirus began to grow for the first time since may, we can't ignore the data," said Johnson at a press conference on Friday.

"Our assessment – we need to hit the brakes to keep the virus under control. Today we delay planned breaks for at least two weeks," said Johnson.

In view of the scientific Council, which advises the government, the prevalence of coronavirus in England R may exceed 1, which means the increase of infection.

August 1 was to resume the work of most of the remaining sports centres, bowling clubs, skating rinks, casinos, beauty salons. Also, some theaters had planned to resume showings of the performances. It was also planned to allow the wedding reception with 30 guests. All these plans are deferred.

On the eve of the daily increase in the number of identified cases COVID-19 in the UK amounted to 846, the highest figure for the month. The total number of cases exceeds 302 thousand, the number of deaths was almost 46 thousand.

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