The mother of Cartwright learned of his death from friends

. Mother killed in St. Petersburg rapper Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko) learned about the tragedy from friends who read the news on the Internet. This very Valentine jusko said in an interview with "Fifth channel".

According to her, she tried to get through to daughter-in-law, Marina, who is suspected of the murder, but she didn't answer.

Jusko said that he had spoken with his son on the phone three weeks ago. He was going to return to Ukraine with his family. Any conflicts in the family he did not complain.

She also added that his son never complained about his health, he could drink, however, was categorically against drugs.

Fragments of the body jusko in multiple packages were found in the apartment in Saint-Petersburg. As the wife of rapper Marina Kohala, her husband died four days ago, and she dismembered the corpse. To contact the police persuaded her mother – in-law of the deceased.

The exact cause of death of men forensic scientists should find out.